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Shelving rack


Shelving rack use for storing cargoes with no pallet needed because it self was installed steel plate or mesh plate.

Load: 200kg upto 1200kg/1 floor.

Length: 950 – 2700mm.

Deep size common use 400 – 1200mm or by your request.

Giá : Liên hệ

Hotline : 0902.252.698

Shelving rack use in warehouse, store medium load cagoes.

Shelving rack store cargoes without pallet, it itself have steel plate or mesh plate.

Shelving rack have load 200kg upto 1200kg on 1 floor.

Shelving racking system do not need wide way in store, and cargoes are put in or take out of rack by hand.

Color: Grey, blue, green, red, blue + orange or by your request.