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Selective rack


Selective rack (Heavy load rack) is common used in warehouse for storing pallet and cagoes.

Selective rack have heavy load capability, upto 4200kg per floor.

Width of rack is from 1150mm to 3900mm, depend on your purpose.

Selective rack is assembly type so we can change position of rack easily.

Colors: dark blue – orange, dark blue – grey, yellow, red, green or by your request

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Selective rack (Heavy duty rack) use for storing cagoes, pallets in warehouse.

Selective rack can store heavy and big size of cagoes.

Selective rack is produced by formed steel, powder paint coating and variety color for selection: blue orange, grey, red, green …

Common width of rack: 1150mm, 1350mm, 1850mm, 2250mm, 2700mm, 3300mm, 3900mm.

Load capability: from 1200kg to 4200kg, depend on specification of rack.

Selective rack is assembly type so rack can be change position easily if needed.