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Chain conveyor


Chain conveyor use in car industry, bike industry, assembly, food industry, beverage fields…

Types: Plastic chain conveyor, stainless steel chain conveyor, steel chain conveyor.

Chain conveyor can be strait line, flexible lines, or hanger line…

Frame: Painted steel, aluminum profiles, stainless steel.

Mortor: common use gear motor, high moment, included timer and inverter for control speed …

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Chain conveyor types: Plastic chain (Use in assembly lines, medical, glass machining line, beverage manufacturing line), stainless steel chain conveyor (use for abrasion resistance and chemistry resistance), steel chain conveyor

Chain conveyor have many constructures, for example: Straight line, Flexible profile line, Hanger type …

Hanger chain conveyor common use in assembly fields, food industry. Flexible profile chain use in beverage manufacturing line, agricultural products manufacturing line.

Chain conveyor have width of 50-1100mm, as your requirement. Both side of conveyor can be installed direction bar.