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Roller conveyor


Roller conveyor have heavy load, flexible line so roller conveyor common use in car industry, vehicle assembly, mining, cargo transfering …

Rollers are manufacturing by high quality materials as Gavalnized, Stainless steel, Plastic, Rubber, PU …

Conveyor frame is manufaturing by strong materials (ex: channel C, rectangle tube)


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Roller conveyor have heavy load upto 500kg/m2.

Common diameter of roller is Ø34, Ø42, Ø49, Ø60, Ø76, Ø114, Ø168, Ø219 (Usually Ø42, Ø49, Ø60).

Max width of conveyor upto 2500mm.

After machining steel roller, we gavalnized for anti-rust. Stainless steel roller usually use in case need chemical resistance. We can wrap rubber or PU outside of roller for increasing friction, decreasing damping, chemistry resistance. Otherwise roller can be manufatured by plastic with very small size for many purposes, for example in glass machining …

Frame can make flexible, diagonal suit with many producing fields.