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Working table


Categories: Anti-static table (use in electronics components assembly), stainless steel table, steel table, table put mold…

Frame: Aluminum profiles, stainless steel, rectangle pipe, V shape steel, ABS pipe, stainless steel pipe…

Surface: Stainless steel, painted steel, wood, plastic …

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Working table have variety of category, use in many fields, for example: anti-static table, stainless steel table, painted steel table, table put mold.

Anti-static table (common use in electronics components assembly): Frame made by aluminum profiles or stainless steel, face use wood or plastic, on the surface is installed ESD plate.

Stainless steel table have frame and face made by SUS201 or SUS304, use in any fields, especially medical, food industry, electronics components assembly.

Steel table is used for saving money, use in many fileds with demand not high as stainless steel table.

Table put mold have frame made by painted steel, face made by thickness stainless steel plate or thickness steel plate for heavy load.